Hello everybody,
Does anyone ever tried to use the BRepMesh_Delaun class? I just can´t find any reference to it.
I´m wondering how to use it in order to mesh a surface with Delaunay Triangulation.
Any tips on the subject would be really welcome.
Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi Ghedin,

Have you already tried BRepMesh_FastDiscret class? (Check Result() method and BRepMesh_FastDiscret.C:690 [OCC-6.3.0])
I'm not sure about this information, it's just a guess! ;-)

Hope it helps

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Hello Macedo!

Thanks a lot for the reply!

Actually, I was looking for a Delaunay meshing algorithm and it seems that such functionality is only available in commercial packages of OpenCASCADE. On the open source version, it only provides meshing algorithms optimized for graphical display (and not for Finite Element Analysis, for example).

I had success, however, by using NETGEN as an external library. By the way, since there are several posts related to Netgen here, I would like to recommend Netgen's forum for anyone looking for help with it.

Here goes the Forum address:

Kind regards,

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I have also been studying the BRepMesh_Delaun class. I am trying to use it to create a mesh from a set of 3D points. I think that the best and simplest way to get the mesh I want would be to use a delaunay triangulation algorithm (or more precisely, a constrained delaunay algorithm) to connect the points my algorithm produces. But I can not figure out how the BRepMesh_Delaun and related classes work. I give the class 3 points that form 1 triangle, and instead I get 11 triangles as output, and most of the triangles are based on point indexes that are larger than 3.

Has anyone been successful at using this class? I am trying to understand how it works by looking at its use in other BRepMesh files, but there is a lot going on and not enough comments for me to make quick progress.