Hi Body,
I use "BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset"
in OCC4.0 and OCC3.1 to create a offset wire and try to use different Join type(GeomAbs_Tangent,GeomAbs_Arc,GeomAbs_Tangent), but the results are the same, the Join type seems always keep GeomAbs_Arc. Who can tell me, it is OCC Bug or my way is wrong. my code as following,

Standard_Real m_Dis=5.;
GeomAbs_JoinType Join= GeomAbs_Intersection;
BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset aOffs(aWire,Join);


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The documentation says this is the only type of joining implemented.

See below some of the text.
The default type is GeomAbs_Arc where the vertices
generate sections of a circle. At present, this is the only construction type implemented.

- Prasad

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Hi Prasad,
Do you have any idea about offseting a wire or edge and the result still keeps the sharp?


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Dear forum supervisor
Its more than 10 years, is there no support for
GeomAbs_Tangent and GeomAbs_Intersection yet

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Dear PG,

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I encountered this thread as I  was wondering about the exact meaning of GeomAbs_Tangent,GeomAbs_Arc,GeomAbs_Tangent.

I don't mind about the non implemented features but both in and there is no mention that only GeomAbs_Arc is implemented.

Does it mean that now others types are implemented or that there is something missing (or *I* am missing) in the documentation ?

On a related topic, I am looking for the exact effect of Intersection and SelfInter .

Thanks for your help.