BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset perform function crash

I am sorry for my english

Now, I interesting offset.
I using BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset class.

Some case perform function crashed. But dont throw exception.

This pseudo code

BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset offset(...);


try {
catch(Standard_Failure) //Every exception was caught.

for example
I have a circle, radius 10.
Offset value 20. but offset direction inside of circle. This case I want to catch exception.
it is not


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Dear Suleyman,
Exception is raised in case if the algorithm is not initialized.
In other cases exception may be caught inside the algorithm with
following set of the operation status to NotDone.
Small hint: simply check result of offset operation, like below
if(!offset.IsDone()){ ...}

Best regards

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Thanks for your reply

You said "check result of ofsett operation".
But I dont check. Because its crashed in Perform Function and I dont check(isdone)

Another advice, solve?

Best regards

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Hello :)

same problem here. BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset::Perform(...) crashes with AccessViolation! This Exception can't be catched.

BTW: Is there any Error-Reporting provided by the Offset Algorithm?



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Dear Suleyman,

I suggest you to register the issue in OCCT Mantis BugTracker which is available via the Collaborative portal -

Best regards