BSpline to Arc

I have split up a BSpline using GeomConvert_BSplineCurveKnotSplitting and SplitBSplineCurve. With each new resulting BSpline I would like to know the center point, since each BSpline should now be an arc.

Anyone know a good way to obtain the center point of a BSpline?

Thanks, any help is appreciated.

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Use GeomLProp_CLProps
It gives you Tangent, Normal, Curvature and CenterOfCurvature of a Geom_Curve.

Documentation -> Module ModelingData » Toolkit TKG3d » Package GeomLProp

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I don't know if this is the best way, but you could try:

Evaluate the BSpline at 3 different locations.
Construct a geom_circle using GC_MakeCircle( pt1, pt2, pt3 ).
Get the gp_Circ from the geom_circle.
Get the center point from the gp_Circ.

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Thanks Sharjith and Eric.

I took a look at both solutions and used Eric's, I had a little trouble with GeomLProp and Eric's solution seemed simple enough.

It's working great though, thanks for the help.