BSPlineSurfaces from more than 4 BSPlineCurves

Hi all again,
thanks so far for your help.

Does anyone know how to compute a BSPlineSurface from more than 4 BSplineCurves ?
Right now, I am using GeomFill_BSplineCurves::Init(), which only accepts 1 to maximum 4 BSplineCurves.


The ideal thing would be a tool, I do not know if it exists in OpenCas.Cade 5.0, that computes all intersection points from a set of BSplineCurves, calculates the BSplineCurves from that and then generates BSplineSurfaces from that boundary-information.
Wow sounds like a lot...might it be, that such a gem really exists in the "unexplored deepness" of the class-tree ?

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Hello Mike,

Try GeomPlate_BuildPlateSurface class.