Bug Fixes


I notice that in the documentation / release notes it says that there are 500 bugs fixed in the professional edition of cascade. What's the professional edition? Does it mean that the download has the un fixed bugs?


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I had the same question coming up. I remember asking the supervisor, who definitely told me, that there is no difference, except for the included support/service units.

But you may better ask some OCC representative, I guess anyone is interested to be up to date on that matter.



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the word 'professional' appeared at the earliest stage of preparation of the OCC 5.0 version. The name and structure of 5.0 release defined that time differ from those available through official publication so now almost all features of 'professional' version exist in the OCC 5.0.
It is possible that we missed to update some documents therefore please consider any appearance of the word 'professional' as a misprint, and simply ignore it.
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