Bug in TDataStd_Constraint.cxx?

Hi all

While compiling with -Wall and -Werror (to iron out some stuff) I stumbled across this thing in ros/src/TDataStd/TDataStd_Constraint.cxx, line 213:

void TDataStd_Constraint::SetType (const TDataStd_ConstraintEnum CTR)
// OCC2932 correction
if(myType = CTR) return;

myType = CTR;

Presumably the if-condition should use the == operator instead, as all other similar constructs with the same comment do. The attached patch fixes this.


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Another typo in ros/src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest.cxx, line 2035:

static int VAnimation (Draw_Interpretor& di, Standard_Integer argc, const char** argv) {
if (argc =! 5) {
di<<"Use: "<

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This bug is still present in OCCT 6.5.0, but this patch must now be applied against src/TDataXtd/TDataXtd_Constraint.cxx

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Hi Denis,
Thanks for the pointed out misprint.
Unfortunately it is still presented.
We will take care to remove it.
Thanks to Michael too.