BUG: Triedron and Texture in Win NT

Dear All:
[OCC 5.2, WindowXp Sp2]
I found some one meet the same problem post messages in this forum.
The problem is that, if called TriedronDisplay of V3d_View the texture will render as black. Most people meet this when use AIS_TexturedShape.
I find that in the funtion WNTPuts in TKOpenGL\OpenGL_tXFm.c, the driver did not restore after calling glPixelTransferi ( GL_MAP_COLOR, GL_TRUE ). If you save the GL_COLOR_MAP and restored it later, that problem will be ok.
WNTPuts is for put a string in openGl window, which is be used when displaing the axis name.

I hope this fix can be incuded in the next release. Or anyone else tell me some better solution.
I have not try the new 5.2.1, maybe it is already there. :-)

Best wishes.

Wang Xuan

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Dear Mr. Xuan,

Thank you for reporting this problem in Open CASCADE Technology, and for investigation of its reason!

We are pleased to inform you that the problem you reported has been already fixed some time ago and the fix was integrated to version 5.2.2 of Open CASCADE.
It should appear in the next public version of Open CASCADE Technology.

Yours cincerely,
Open CASCADE Support Team