Bugmaster's remarks

>> I have compiled the linux code by enabling exception.

Could you give more detail explanations or sample of your code?
We do not understand fully. What does "by enabling exception" mean?

>> I was loading the attached STEP file with the class "STEPControl_Reader"
>> the function call to TransferRoot(1) caused the core dump.

For your information:

The test.stp file is loaded correctly both OCC4.0 and development version of Open CADCADE on all platforms.

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OpenCascade compiled with gcc version 2.95.3 does not produce the libraries correctly when the exception handling is enabled. Infact there is no such compiler flag. In the compiler flags of OpenCascade makefiles The No_Exceptions are mentioned. But this means exceptions are not caught.

Actually there are many exceptions are raised for lot many IGES files when we use the functionality BRepBuilderAPI_NurbsConvert for the entire Shell.

So I used the compiler gcc version 3.2. This compiler produced much better code with Exception handling. I am able to catch more exceptions for which the earlier code used to fail and dump core.

But for the attached file it fails in the functin that I have sepcified during the transfer of TopoDS.

Please let me know if you have more questions