Build error

I successfully built FoundationClasses, ModelingData and ModelingAlgorithms.

When building Visualization I am getting

Error 1 error C2006: '#include' : expected a filename, found 'identifier' c:\opencascade\3rdparty\ftgl-2.1.3-vc9-32\include\ftgl\ftgl.h

It is refering to the line #include FT_FREETYPE_H of the file fgtl.h.

I set the path to ftheader.h as C:\Opencascade\3rdparty\freetype-2.4.10-vc9-32\include , where the macro is defined #define FT_FREETYPE_H

What am I missing?

Jair Santos

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Dear Jair,
See OCCT rebuilding process description at the chapter
"Welcome to Open CASCADE Technology / Building Modules / Building Modules".
Besides check content of the environment variable "CSF_OPT_INC",
defined in 'custom.bat' file located at '..\Opencascade\ros\' sub-directory.

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Thank you.

It is working now.


J. Santos