Build Error: Quantity_ColorRGBA.cxx

Hi everyone,

When trying to build OpenCASCADE 7.4.0 using CMake (and VS2019 x64) with just the modules below I encounter a compilation error in the TKernel project.


The error is '...src\Quantity\Quantity_ColorRGBA.cxx(18,10): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Graphic3d_Vec4.hxx': No such file or directory.'

I manged to get around the issue by patching the file. I changed Graphic3d_Vec4 to NCollection_Vec4<float>. I've attached a patch file for reference.

Is there a formal way to submit pull requests?


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Contributions are welcome, and you can find related information on OCCT Development Portal:

Concerning the issue you have encountered - it has been already corrected within current development branch.
Although you may find problem in release version, patches are always expected to be relative to master (development) branch.

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Great. Thanks for your help Kirill.