Build a face from a surface and a wire

Hi to all...i've a little problem in building a face from a face and a wire with BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace.

The step that i run are the following:

first a create a BSplineSurface. This surface is created from a matrix of point and is square. Now i want to cut the bounds of this surface with a custom polygon. For make that i build a wire and project it in direction of the surface with BRepProj_Projection. The result of is a one or more compound of edge and with it i build a face with BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace. At the end i do a ShapeFix_Face.

Now start the problem.

In most cases BRepProj_Projection return multiple compound. Now from this how a can build a single closed wire that lie on my surface??

I some cases when the result of the projection is a single compound the face constructed from the wire of these edges is goog...(id i dump the topological structure of it there are the edgese, wire and vertex) but the triangulation of it return a null triangulation. Why???

Thanks in advance for your help. Thanks!

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excuse me..i build the face from a surface and a wire!

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Why do you use BRepProj_Projection? This class only provides
- cylindrical projection
- conical projection
what you want, I think, is parallel projection.

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Hi Fabian Hachenberg,
I am having the same problem. I want to project a polygon wire on a shape(surface created of a trimmed face) and get the projected face/surface.

Can you please through some light how to do so in OCCT??

I tried BRepProj_Projection but it does not provide parallel projection.