build occt 7.4.0 lib with freeimage and ffmpeg on android studio 3.6.2 link error

Hello everyone. I am compiling occt7.4.0 on android studio 3.6.2. I modified freeimage.cmkae and ffmpeg.cmake to support ffimage and ffmpeg two third-party libraries.

But when compiling to libtkservice, it failed. Failed The information is in the attachments section below.

The main problem is that the links to the two libraries ffimage and ffmpeg are not added. I do n’t know which part of cmakelists.txt or cmake needs to be modified?

Thank you all. In addition, if I manually compile the instructions clang ++. exe --target = aarch64-none-linux-android24) plus ffimage and ffmpeg links, it is possible to link normally to generate file.

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As existing guide suggests using Make, and your screenshot refers to ninja, it makes sense first to clarify your CMake configuration and building steps, so that others would be able trying to reproduce them.

By the way, what is expected benefit from using FFmpeg in OCCT on Android platform?

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I am developing on a PC, when configuring mingw32 and cmake, I always failed, so I gave up the compilation method of the instruction manual.

I am developing on Android Studio,it is convenient to compile ooct.

I will try to compile the instruction manual later.

Because I have compiled an exe  with OCCT(ffmpeg linked) on the PC (using ffmpeg to implement a screen recording function), now I want to port to android, It is necessary to compile a library with ffmpeg.

Thanks a lot.