Build problem with Windows download


I'm a newbie, just downloaded the source and I cannot get any of the libraries to build. I keep getting a build error, and example is below.


e:\projects\opencascade\src\fsd\fsd_file.cxx(1) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'FSD_File.ixx': No such file or directory

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I've the same problem... have solutionated?

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Hi !

I tried it about a week ago (the cvs version), and it compiled without problems (big surprise to me), do you have the 'FSD_File.ixx' file on your computer or is it missing ? that would be a good start to check.


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Hi, i've found the origin of the problem, i had downloaded the Opencascade development source code in a zip file...a 33MB not complete, are missing a lot of files. You must download a full opencascade zip, in is a 130MB file, and make a complete instalation.