Building with CMake for Android Problems

I am building opencascade with cmake for android following the overview. However failed, I have some problems. First, how to set the 3rd party library, especially freetype. Second, while compiling TKService, error occurred, see attachments in detail. My work platform is Windows10. And the compilation for Windows with vs13 is OK. I just want to try opencascade on Android. Should I move to Linux? Any advices and help are great.

Thanks in advance!

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Dear 韩 家奇,

For the moment, the pre-build binaries for latest OCCT 7.0.0 release do not include Android platform.
Concerning your error in build - the problem is that you are trying to use static build of FreeType library, which is not currently supported
configuration - you should use dynamic library instead.
Note that FreeType is used by at least 2 toolkits in OCCT, thus theoretically using static FreeType would lead to duplicated symbols
in these toolkits, which is not good.
Best regards

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Many thanks for attention. My confusion is that which dynamic freetype library version should be used. On Windows, use the freetype in OCCT bundle(from the installer) or use self-compiled version.

".dll" with ".lib" together or ".dll" only.? I am new to this. Please give me some detail instructions for configuring 3rdpart libraries.

Thanks, best regards.

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Good morning,

I am trying the build cross-compile procedure for Android and I get the same of 韩 家奇.

I would ask which is for the moment the OCCT pre-build binaries that include Android platform (if it's available).

Many Thanks