Building with CMake in Opencascade7.6.0(win32)

I want to build 7.6.0 OCC in a win32 environment.
So I follow the official steps:

I can get the project file and build ok,as shown in the figure [BuildOK.jpg]

But this project file is very different from the x64 data structure I downloaded from the official website(,as shown in the figure [Win64OCC DownloadLocation.jpg]、[CmakeBuildWin32ProjectEnvironmentIsDifferentToWin64.jpg]

I need to use c# wrapper to package OCC, if I choose Win64 OCC downloaded from the official website when building Win64, everything will be ok.
However, if I choose my own compiled Win32 OCC to wrap, there will be many cmake error (most reasons are due to the structure of win32 OCC compiled data)

The question I want to ask is how to get a data structure similar to the official download when I build Win32 OCC with CMake.

Thank you for your reply!