Building OCCT 6.6.0 with VS 2010 x64

Hi Friends,

I am trying to build opencascade 6.6.0 with VS 2010. I was able to build
1. Application Framework 2. Modeling Data 3. Modeling Algorithm but when I start building 4. Visualization , I am getting an error as follows..

Unable to open file "freetype.lib"

As I have checked documentation, it is mentioned that freetype is used as a dynamic library since OCCT 6.5.3 and the only file related to freetype I have is "freetype2410MT.dll".

Also, when I checked opencascade code, it asks for freetype.lib using a #pragma command.

Someone please help me with this..I have already spent many days trying to find out the reason.

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The default release of OCCT6.6.0 libraries is done for vc9 & win32 & Release setting.
If you want to use it for another configuration you should rebuild it starting from '3rdparty' products for sure.
See for details OCCT html documentation => at the "Building Modules/Third-party products" chapter. I do hope this detailed instructions will help you.
Besides don't forget to make corresponding modifications of the 'custom.bat'.