Building STEP geometry without reading file


For example, let's say that I've build a StepShape_FacetedBrep entity, and I want to let StepToTopoDS_Builder make a TopoDS_Shape out of it, so I can extract the triangles for a third party renderer - How do I actually do that? I need a Transfer_TransientProcess handle to construct the Builder, and if I just make on and pass it on to it's c'tor, attaching a mesh to the shape throws an exception.
I'm not actually reading STEP files, I'm dynamically creating StepShape's and I want to build the geometry automatically. I don't need to know about StepReader/Writer and all that, I just need to use the Builder to get my triangles. Any help on that?

Janko Jerinic

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Why do you want to build STEP geometries instead of TopoDS_shapes? You have to transfer your STEP geometries to TopoDS_shapes for doing triangulation. So why not use TopoDS_Shapes directly?



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I could, but the data structures I've been provided in this case resemble STEP data structures to some extent. Therefore it's a lot easier for me just to fill up the StepShape's and let their built-in engine create the geometry, than to build the geometry from ground up. If there's absolutely no way that StepToTopoDS_Builder can be used, I'm gonna have to resort to that. Fact is, I've been modeling certain data using three different libraries that had no support for STEP-like data whatsoever, I thought that it would be nice if, for once, I didn't have to go from scratch :)

Janko Jerinic