C# wrapper garbage collector problem

I am using c# wrappers generated by swig and am experiencing strange problems associated with garbage collector/memory management. The code randomly disposes variables (even global variables). I tried using GC.keepAlive() function, from C# but have not found it much helpful. Any kind of hint/help would be appreciated since I have no clue what's happening.

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The GC is that real reason why it is not very useful to use automatic generated Wrappers. OCC has some strange Management of their Built-In-Classes. They have their classes i.e. V3d_Viewer and the Handles Handle_V3d_Viewer. First I tried to use the pure classes in my wrapper an experienced a lot of Problems. Then I switched to the Handles and everthing worked fine. BUT I had to write two DLLs to get OCC usable in a C# Project.


This is my sample-Code so far. You may feel free to take a look at it.