CAD Assistant can't write .mtl file

When using CAD Assistant to convert a STEP file to a OBJ file, the OBJ file is written, but then there is an error saying the .MTL file can't be written.

The colors are correctly displayed from the STEP file, so I know it has some material information.

Is there a trick to getting the .MTL file written?  I tried running it as the administrator and that didn't help.



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Could you please describe the scenario in more details?
E.g. tested platform, STEP file / path used for saving OBJ file, error message (or screenshot), version of Open CASCADE CAD Assistant..,

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The STEP file was exported using Alibre to version STEP 214.

CAD Assistant version 0.9 Windows

11:51 Model saved in OBJ format to file 'C:/.../Weather Station Mount.obj' in 0.0421045 s
11:51 File can not be written!
      C:/.../Weather Station Mount.mtl

I've attached the STEP file.

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This can be unstable in CAD Assistant 0.9 due to bug - problem should not occur in next release (as tested in 1.0 BETA),

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Could I try the BETA?

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There is no public beta-testing for CAD Assistant yet.
But you may contact Open CASCADE support services, if this problem is urgent for you.

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Is there an ETA for the release?

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> Is there an ETA for the release?
There is no exact date, but hopefully in February.