CAD Assistant Error: glb linked textures

Hi, I would like to report a bug to you, CAD Assistant for Linux, when you save a GLB file with the textures, it generates a new folder with the images used inside but these images have zero bytes in size and are no longer recognized, to avoid this I have to copy the original images in the folder where the images generated by CAD Assistant are contained.

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Could you provide more details on your usage scenario?
Where was located model export folder, with which user permissions?
What was the source model with textures (minimal reproducable sample would be fine)?
Were there any errors or warnings in Message Window on export?

So far, the problem is not reproducible in my environment.

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Any news on the file provided?

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Hi, I tried to do a test with a cube, but everything is ok, but with the 3D model on which I have the problem, it is in OBJ format and I have some textures in various folders, and when I save it in GLB, and I open the GLB file to assign maps to other channels, and then save the GLB file with the assigned textures again, once I reopen the GLB file again I still have this error. I can't share the 3D model, it's too big and it's not mine but in a customer.

My operating system is ubuntu 18.04. LTS with cad_assistant_1.4.0_2020-01-16_lin64.appimage

the error window.

Below the folder with image saved by CAD Assistant.

Does CAD Assistant have a debug mode?
I tried to run the program from the command line but I don't get any information.

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I have a file with that problem, if you save again in GLB this model, and open it again in my system lose texture because Cad assistant create and save wrong textures