CAD replacment

AutoCAD replacement ?

I just want to know if opencascade can be used to make an application that will replace AutoCad in some aspects because I don't use all the autocad functionality don't need it and $ . The only thing I need is to make boxes, extrudes, booleans operations, open DWG and dxf .
For the big question ... is it very time consuming doing it using MFC/visual c++? How much time ... and knowledge is needed?
I'm not a programmer ... I'm an 3d artist but I can program especially Maxscrits (script language for 3ds MAX) and c++ (learning that now ) .


antero pedras

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Hi antero:
The opencascade's modelling abilities are very strong in 2d or 3d area. So if you build such application on opencascade, I think you can replace AutoCAD in some aspect,you can make your application include sub-functions of autoCAD using Opencascade on Windows plateform or Unix plateform, for both OpenCascade is supported. But you should know some programming language like C++.


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I'm currently working on a CAD/CAM 3d modeler.
You can see my project at

BTW, it is really a very big amount of work to achieve that. For the moment, there is no medeling facility on the software. And as I programm it in my spare time, you cannot be sure that the features you need will be integrated soon.

But stay tuned !

I will release a 0.2 version the next days ( week ) with :
a version running on Linux
Mesh support.


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thanks ...
I will see what I can do ...
Lugi>I know a little c++ ( learning , reading books )... I'm just aware of the amount of work needed to "finish" something.
Stephane Routelous > I hope that you will make it! Until then I'm going to try myself ... good luck

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It is easier to say than do to fulfill an AutoCAD replacement. For example, I have seen someone post a message to say he/she has implemented some simple application to drawing line with AIS, but the performance is very bad when the size of line up to 1000, and I haven't seen any solution to his/her post. In fact, I suspect if OCC is appropriate to Assembly in the very Large application, even to a 'simple' 2D application to engineering drawing such as AEC plan drawing( It size is much bigger that a Part drawing!). As far as my short experience with OCC, programming with it is full of trap. Because there is a lot of `undocumented' feature/details, unclear naming convention/meaning, etc., you must have enough time and patience to propel your development. Of course, if you or your boss have enough money, you'd better purchurse some support/development from think this maybe the best thing they like, :-), but unfortunely I am very poor, :-().