CADrays for linux?


Winodws binaries? How about a linux package?

Is CADrays open-source? a extension for Radiance? That would be cool..

Using FreeCAD Arch and doing the lightning simulation with CADrays (similarly to Relux or Dialux? for Autodesk and Co..)

Lukas, Esslingen

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Hello Lukas.

According to the post in the FreeCAD-forum they plan to release a linux version as well.

CADrays is (on windows) a standalone program.

I needed to export my models from FreeCAD as Step or BREP (in the end i used BREP every time ...) and import them in CADRays for defining

material and lighting.

I am not sure if you have seen this thread in the FreeCAD-forum's Users Showcase

about doing optics with CADRays ...

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Hello Lukas,

As Roland already pointed, CADrays is a standalone program and Linux version is planned, it is not open source but free to use for most applications.

Its main purpose is fast producing of photo-realistic images of CAD models. However, CADRays uses physically based render and should simulate light transport correctly. Currently, lighting simulation in CADRays also limited by lack of IES light profiles and raw HDR image export (HDR export planned for next release).

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BTW, if you can't wait for a linux package, you may consider packaging CADRays with Cameyo ( and running

it with wine ...