CADRays Texture Problem

Hi, we are rendering our products with CADRays. But we have some problems. We have a render a half year ago we did. We used textures on this render.
Now we want to render it again but when we import it to CADRays textures are not loading. When we try to add textures its not giving any error but
its not displaying textures. How can we solve it?
(And I want to ask a question. Is CADRays is still developing and its not developing why? I love to use it but maybe you can add some features more.)
(And I want to ask another question. What is the latest version is CADRays? We have 1.0.0 is there is new version or not? Thanks)
(And if there is new version from where we can get it?)

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When textures worked last time - what has been changed since that? CADRays version? Model? Computer or system? Have you checked that other programs are able to load textures in your model like CAD Assistant? What is the output of vglinfo command?

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Nothing changed. Because of that we cant understand. Everything is same. We made render in 07.2022 and after that we didnt change anything. But know
when we import same model.tcl textures are not showing. Just one thing changed. When we made this render we save it C: and after that we transfer it
to D: is it problem? I will ad ss vglinfo output

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Just one thing changed. When we made this render we save it C: and after that we transfer it to D: is it problem?

Sure thing - if there are some mistakes with texture file paths in the model (like saving absolute files that many tools like to do) or their locations are unreachable relative to model file, then reader might be unable to find them.

Try opening model in CAD Assistant and check the log for details - this application is more verbose in reporting errors in the model.

It you may share the model so that others might take a look for possible reasons.

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I am adding textures in CADRays. Step file there is no texture. We imported our step file to CADRays,after that we add texture to some parts,not all.
Everything is working just textures are not showing. We tried to add new texture but still not displaying textures on model. We are adding textures in
CADRays. And I tried to transfer it C: again and still it isnt work. And you said I write misplace.I am sorry. Where is true place?
And I tried another persons render. And there is also textures are not loaded. The render on image not my render. Its another persons render and he/she
shares his/her render. I tried this render also,everything works lights,materials,but just textures are not loading.

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