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Hi evrybody,
I couldn't find the class browser html file like the previous version. Dosn't the newest version have it or it changed completely?

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The class browser is removed. Take a look at the release notes!



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Dear Patrik,
Thank you very much for your response.
I know they have removed class browser but it's now too hard to search classes and it's functions. So, How can we do this simply like previous version?


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It's true, i miss the class browser too. Is there a acceptable alternative to use? Leaving the old version only because of the class browser makes no sense by a too small laptop drive.


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I have created a simple perl script that converts all the CDL files in a directory into cross-linked HTML files. It also creates a searchable index. The index and CDL contents can be viewed side-by-side using the created frames.html file. The resulting HTML files consume about 33MB of disk space. Since they are just HTML, they can be placed on a local disk or web server.

I would be happy to supply anyone with the perl script or the generated HTML files for OCC 6.1. Unfortunately, I have nowhere to host them. So, if you want the perl script, I can email it. If you want the HTML files, I can ftp them somewhere. If you can donate space to host them, that would be great.


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Hello Rob,

that sounds great! Maybe you could send me the script (imp.palpatine -at-
If you send me the whole HTML directory (as a strong compressed zip it should be ok) i could put the whole documentation on my webserver available to anyone.

Thanks for the great work!