Camera Vision Simulation 2

Hi all,

As explained in the previous "Camera Vision Simulation" post, I would like to simulate the vision of a camera. The problem is that the result is not realistic and really, I don't know why.

Below, my code:

// A simple box 100x100x100 centered at (0,0,0)
BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox B(gp_Pnt(-50,-50,-50),100,100,100);
Handle(AIS_Shape) Box = new AIS_Shape(B.Shape());

double Focal=50, CCDSizeX=10, CCDSizeY=10; // Aperture: 11.4°

// Step 1: Mapping definition
Visual3d_ViewMapping Mapping = View->ViewMapping();

Mapping.SetProjectionReferencePoint( Graphic3d_Vertex(0,0,Focal) ); // Eye() position in View Reference Coordinate system
Mapping.SetViewPlaneDistance(0); // ViewPlane = FrontPlane
Mapping.SetWindowLimit( -CCDSizeX/2, -CCDSizeY/2, +CCDSizeX/2, +CCDSizeY/2 ); // Not sure ???


// Step 2: Orientation definition
Visual3d_ViewOrientation Orient = View->ViewOrientation();

Orient.SetViewReferencePoint( Graphic3d_Vertex(0,-1000,0) ); // At() position = CCD position
Orient.SetViewReferencePlane( Graphic3d_Vector(0,-1,0) ); // Camera Axis = OY Axis
Orient.SetViewReferenceUp( Graphic3d_Vector(0,0,1) );


// Positionning Analyze
double X, Y, Z;

View->At(X, Y, Z); // OK = (0,-1000,0)
View->Eye(X, Y, Z); // OK = (0,-1050,0)
View->FocalReferencePoint(X, Y, Z); // OK = (0,-1050,0)
View->Proj(X, Y, Z); // OK = (0,-1,0)
double angle = (Handle(V3d_PerspectiveView)::DownCast(View))->Angle(); // OK = 0.199rad = 11.4°
double focale = View->Focale(); // OK = 50
double depth = View->Depth(); // OK = 50

// Invalid Drawing: very small cube !!!

If someone can help me...

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Hello Jallon,

it's been a couple of years since you asked this question, but have you found a solution after all?

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Dear Laszlo,
Last time manipulation of the viewer has been seriously revised.
Coming soon OCCT 6.8.0 will support notion of the camera thus allowing natural manipulations with it.
Best regards

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Dear Laszlo,
See also link to related discussion at development portal:
Mys be it will be useful for you too.

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Okay, thanks.

Is there going to be a meaningful description in the guide about how the projection pipeline works?


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Dear Laszlo,
We plan to make update of OCCT 6.8.0 visualization User's Guide in part regarding new camera API usage in an application.
Best regards

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I mean, what the guide says about SetWindowLimits is probably true, but regardless of what value I set there, I always get the same view. (I tried a lot of different combinations)