Can we change colors of SOME selected faces ...

from an interactive object ? What i would love to is to be able to change the color of some selected or processed faces from an interactive object. I know how to change faces' color. But it acts on ALL the faces. I can't get how to change attributes of a limited selection of faces. Any one can help please ? Thanks Omar Msaaf

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I would be greatful. Thanks Omar Msaaf

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Hi Omar!

There are two possible ways to solve the problem:

1.Simple - to create temporary AIS_Shape for compound of selected faces and display it's with needed color after having displayed the main AIS_InteractiveObject.

2.More sophisticated - create the new AIS_InteractiveObject add to it method for setting of selected faces and their color, and change methods Compute so that they do additional work to color the given selected faces.

Best regards!