cannot debug OCC files

I am a OCC newer and just build OCC successfully based on Mike's introduction "". Then I was able to build and run turorial. BUT, the OCC functions(ie,GCE2d_MakeSegment) cannot be stepped in. All library files and dlls have been created in "openCASCADE6.3.0\ros\win32\libd" and "openCASCADE6.3.0\ros\win32\bind". Also, the library directory has been added to VS. Can anyone give me a help?

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1. is your LD_LIBRARY_PATH correct?
2. Are you sure they are indeed debug version libraries?

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Thanks a lot! The issue is solved by correcting the PATH to win32/bind instead of win32/bin.

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this problem can easily be solved by recompiling OCC in debug and renaming the dll D.dll ( ex : TKernelD.dll )
btw, for the OpenCASCADE team : i suggest to do it officially in the distribution.
i propose the following naming convention :
32bit release : TKernel32.dll
32bit debug : TKernel32D.dll
64bit release : TKernel64.dll
64bit debug : TKernel64D.dll

Just my 2 cents


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I could debug all the MFC examples, but NOT Csharp example (IE example). Anyone has an idea?