Cannot Load/Save STL file


I want to load 2 STL files, perform a boolean action and save the result.

At the moment, when writing the resulting file with stlAPI::Write, I always got an 'empty' file.

Thus, I just try to load and save an input file and I do have the same empty file on output.

StlAPI::Read(shapes[i], fileNames[i]); seems to load the file  (it took 6 seconds in debug, the mesh contains 1184 points, 2364 triangles & 2364 normals.

Using StlAPI::Write result in an empty file.

I'm using opencascade 7.0.0 for windows, visual studio 2013.


Can someone point me to what i'm doing wrong ?





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Hello Vincent,

It seems that our Mesh Framework component ( ) can provide the functionality you are looking for.

We have sent the initial information about this component to your personal email.

Best regards,

Forum supervisor

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did not try RWStl because I need to export a shape, resulting from a processing.

Thus my workflow is:

  • load shape_ 1 & shape_2 from STL files
  • perform processing on shapes -> resultingShape
  • export resultingShape as STL

​I'm currently experiencing using BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh​ to create a mesh and then exports it..

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I am using BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh this way to get triangles:

BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh(shape, 0.001);
for (TopExp_Explorer ex(shape, TopAbs_FACE); ex.More(); ex.Next())
  // Triangulate current face
  TopoDS_Face F = TopoDS::Face(ex.Current());
  TopLoc_Location L = TopLoc_Location();
  Handle(Poly_Triangulation) facing = BRep_Tool::Triangulation(F, L);
  int nbtris = facing->NbTriangles();

  const Poly_Array1OfTriangle & triangles = facing->Triangles();
  const TColgp_Array1OfPnt & nodes = facing->Nodes();
  for (int i = facing->NbTriangles(); i >= 1; i--)
    Poly_Triangle triangle = triangles(i);

    Standard_Integer node1, node2, node3;
    triangle.Get(node1, node2, node3);

    gp_Pnt v1 = nodes(node1);
    gp_Pnt v2 = nodes(node2);
    gp_Pnt v3 = nodes(node3);


To build a "StlMesh_Mesh" from I am using StlMesh_Mesh::AddDomain, StlMesh_Mesh::AddVertex and StlMesh_Mesh::AddTriangle.