cannot open input file 'TKDraw.lib' & 'tcl84.lib'


I am using opencasecade technology. Now i am building all the .sln files in \ros\adm\win64\.

Foundation Classes (file FoundationClasses.*)
Modeling Data (file ModelingData.*)
Modeling Algorithms (file ModelingAlgorithms.*)
Visualization (file Visualization.*)
Application Framework (file ApplicationFramework.*)
Data Exchange (file DataExchange.*)

are build without any error. But while i am building draw.sln, it shows the following error message.

1. fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'tcl84.lib'
2. fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'TKDraw.lib'

I have include tcl, tk and tix include files as well as library files.

How to solve this problem...

Any help will be appriciated..

Thanks in advance...

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stupid question - are the TCL/TK libs also for 64bit?



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I have the same problem,

Have you found a solution ?

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I think the "draw" and "wok" not is necessary to build windows application.
My app was build without these 2 toolkit also.

To run my 64bit application I have modified the "PATH" and "CSF_GraphicShr" environment settings to link to the 64 bit path.

I hope this helps anyone want to buold a 64bit windows app.