Can't get TDF_Label from TopoDS_Shape (version OCC 7.5.0)

Hi everyone! As for the title, I want to get the TDF_Label from TopoDS_Shape, so I use the XCAFDoc_ShapeTool::FindShape, but it doesn't work, there is my code:

// Get shape
TopoDS_Shape shape = myAISContext()->DetectedShape(); 

// shapeL gets from TDoc_Std_Document::Main()
Handle(XCAFDoc_ShapeTool) myAssembly = XCAFDoc_DocumentTool::ShapeTool(shapeL);

// becasue I know the type of shape I choose is edge, so I transform to TopoDS_Edge
const TopoDS_Edge edge = TopoDS::Edge(shape);

TDF_Label aLabel = myAssembly->FindShape(edge);

if (aLabel.IsNull()) 
    cout << "No Label" << endl;
    cout << "Get Label" << endl;

And the result returns always "No Label".

Could anyone help me? Thanks.

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Thanks, everyone, I solve it by myself. There is my code:

TCollection_AsciiString findName(const TDF_Label& theLabel,  Handle(XCAFDoc_ShapeTool) aShapeTool, const TopoDS_Shape& shape)
        for (TDF_ChildIterator Father(theLabel, Standard_True); Father.More(); Father.Next())
            TDF_Label Child = Father.Value();
            if (aShapeTool->IsShape(Child))
                TopoDS_Shape aShape = aShapeTool->GetShape(Child);
                if (shape.IsSame(aShape))
                    TCollection_AsciiString node;
                    TDF_Tool::Entry(Child, node);
                    return node;

        return "null";
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It is hard to understand the source of the problem in your initial example, because we don't know the content of original file and the shape you have got from AISContext. I may only guess that the problem in the second argument of FindShape method. "findInstance = Standard_False" by default, so, it removes the location of the searched shape. Perhaps, if you set it to True, it will work in the same way as your method, but in some more optimized way.