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I spend a lot of time trying to figure how i would go about on doing an automated build test environement for cascade. My previous e-mails where the fruit of that effort. I needed a way of starting a build over night (linux and/or NT) and get the fresh cvs/tested,ziped archieve in the morning.

I investigated the use of the automated gnu tools autoconf /automake for this software. I do not think that it is the best solution for cascade. mainly du to the simple way the code is layed out. Kudos for the guys that did this thing ! seriously it is (except that little inc/drv dir) a joy to see. I am guessing that the code must be generated somehow !

I also investigated the use of ant from the jakarta project ! To my utter disapointment it is not meant for cpp oriented projects.

I decided to make my own cross platform automated build tool based on python scripts. The solution will mainly fit my current needs. Which is building on linux & Nt. I hope someone will take the time to write the necessary driver for other platforms.

Also the dsp/dsw files will be generated on NT. In case you r also generating these files please direct me to where i can get the templates/format or i'll figure them up myself.

Thanks & have a nice day !

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You can download from CVS .*dsp project and *.dsw workspace by doing :
> cvs checkout adm/WindowsNT Each dsw file rebuild all the dlls for a module and this in the adequate order. These project file has been created using some simple Tcl code. I can send you this code if needed. About the autoconf, we should be very happy to see how it can be applied on a small module say FoundationClasses. Your contribution should be very welcome. For the cross platform build process, you can download the module WOK (2.57 mb) that allow you to build OpenCascade on all platforms (*)using the same process. Linux,SunOS,IRIX,WindowsNT WOK also allows you to manage working area named workbenches intended to develop around OpenCascade.

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