cascade with Qt QDataStream

I am currently integrating OpenCASCADE into an existing Qt based application. The application currently stores its model files using QDataStream. For compatibility, I would like to continue to do this. Has anyone written a cascade FSD driver that uses a QDataStream? I was planning on creating a modified version of the FSD_BinaryFile, but would save a lot of time if someone else has already done it.


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we did something similar here, we based our file format on the Open Cascade BRep format for all TopoDS_Shape related information, so we have QDataStream operators for TopoDS_Shape. Unfortunatly we can't post the code but it's quite easy to rewrite it, look at how they do it for a brep file and build new version of BRepTools_ShapeSet, GeomTools_Curve2dSet, GeomTools_CurveSet, GeomTools_SurfaceSet, ...

It's working great for more than 2 years now.

Good Luck,

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can u plz help me in letting me know how to integrate opencascade with QT.
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Although I cannot post the code, I ended up doing as Francois suggested. Copy the following classes (cxx and hxx) from the OpenCASCADE source and modify them to use QDataStream (changing the class names, of course):
- BRepTools_ShapeSet
- GeomTools_Curve2dSet
- GeomTools_CurveSet
- GeomTools_SurfaceSet
- TopTools_LocationSet
- TopTools_ShapeSet

Although annoying, this is a relatively trivial task. You can then write one or more shapes to QDataStream stream with:

MyTopTools_ShapeSet shapeSet;
shapeSet.Write(shape, stream);

It's a lot of work, but not hard work. Good luck.