Catching exception from GeomAPI_IntSS

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what exception(s) GeomAPI_IntSS will throw? I am using it in an OCX and at the moment, when it throws it causes an automation error so I am desperate to trap it.

I'm using OCC v5.2 (for the moment... if I can't fix this by tomorrow I'm going back to 5.0!)

Thanks for you help,


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what about reading the code ?
an advantage of OCC is that you have the code. So you can read it and try to understand it.
Hint#1 : have a look at GeomInt_IntSS
Hint#2 : don't forget the .lxx
Hint#3 : the debugger is your friend (yes it is really!!).



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Thanks Stephane,

I've implemented the exception handling now, but unfortunately it appears that the error I have doesn't throw any exceptions. Well, I will try to work around it as usual...