CDL generated header on WNT


The CDL compiler generates the CasCade header files.

The "Handle" macro is not understood by the VisualC++ Class View. ( the Class view cannot see the macro : #define Handle(ClassName) Handle_##ClassName ) One solution is , in the header files , to generate the code as :

void MyFunc( const Handle_Geom_Curve& aCurve); and not :

void MyFunc( const Handle(Geom_Curve)& aCurve);

The first solution is not a problem for VisualC++, because the class Handle_Geom_Curve exists, and not the Handle(Geom_Curve) , and for CasCade , it is the same.

It will be good if you , in Matra, you change the Header file generator to allow that.

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When i try to create my Viewer under the View Class which seems more logical in a MFC philosophy, i get an error, meanwhile the same lines token from the sample project given by Matra and who are written in the Doc file don't create any error. I've got an error when i type these lines in my header, in the declaration of my View class: << error C2664: '__thiscall Handle_V3d_Viewer::Handle_V3d_Viewer(const class Handle_V3d_Viewer &)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'class Handle_V3d_View' to 'const class Ha......>>>>>> And here is the line that created the pb : Handle_V3d_Viewer GetViewer(){return myViewer;); So where is the pb ? And if there is a pb how to solve it ? Thanks you folks for your help...