CDL to HTML conversion

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find the new DOXYGEN based OCC documentation, distributed with 6.1, to be very difficult to use. I usually revert to the CDL files. As such, I have written a simple-stupid Perl script that parses all the CDL files in a directory and:
- Produces an index file listing all the CDL files (with some optional filters to only include the files used by an application)
- Produces an HTML file for each CDL file with links to cross-referenced classes and packages.

This is very simple. I only gave myself an hour to write it, but it makes my life a lot easier. I am willing to share it. Although I don't mind emailing it to a few individuals, I would greatly appreciate it if someone would donate some publicly available web space to post the code. The other option would be to post a ZIP file of the completed HTML files for OCC 6.1.

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Dear Rob,

We appreciate your contribution and we welcome you to share it with the Community of OCCT users by posting it as a project to the the dedicated page at

Best regards,
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