Change the color of some points in selected point cloud

I have rendered a Point cloud succesfully by subclassing AIS_InteractiveObject.

thanks to the guidance in this thread :

So my compute function is like this:

void AIS_PointCloud::Compute(const Handle(PrsMgr_PresentationManager3d)& aPresentationManager,
                             const Handle(Prs3d_Presentation)& aPresentation,
                             const Standard_Integer aMode)


Handle(Graphic3d_Structure) theStructure = Handle(Graphic3d_Structure)::DownCast(aPresentation);

Handle(Graphic3d_Group) theGroup=  theStructure->NewGroup();

Handle(Graphic3d_AspectMarker3d) asp;
asp = myDrawer->PointAspect()->Aspect();



const Graphic3d_ArrayOfPoints& theArray= new Graphic3d_ArrayOfPoints(vertlist.size(),Standard_True); //vertlist is list of your points with colors.


 lit  = vertlist.begin();
 lend = vertlist.end();


theArray->AddVertex(lit->pnt, lit->color); //add every point with it color




When I select this point cloud object,  the point colors changes to the default selection color which is Quantity_NOC_GRAY80. I would like that color points remain unchanged after selection knowing that it is work with OCC 6.7.1
But after migration to OCC 6.8, it didn't work.
Please help me.

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Why not use AIS_PointCloud?

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Hi Daniel Neander
I am sorry for the late answering,
Do you mean that I should use the OpenCascade's point cloud class ?