change the prizes

Hi. I contacted the responsible of this project so many times that i am now totally discouraged. Here is my question : what do u guys think of prizes other than a week vacation ? I mean i would like ca$h instead of what they have right now. I cannot take more time off from work. Beside i am not really into taking vactions i feel like i am on "vacation" when i am on my machine ... heheh ..

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Thank you for your inquiry. We have given a lot of thought to the choice of the prizes for the Open CASCADE developer challenge. Cash was even considered, but for many practical reasons the one-week trip for two was the one that suited the most people. Today we have several participants in the challenge who are eager to win this prize. It is unfortunately impossible to fully satisfy everybody! The second prizes are french goods (wine, luxury items) and computer material such as graphic cards. Maybe this suits you better. In any case thank you for considering to participate in the challenge and best of luck.