checking for FTGLTextureFont in -lftgl... no

I am trying to build opencascade6.5.4 on Ubuntu12.04 and the error messages is:
checking for FTGLTextureFont in -lftgl... no
configure: error: Unable to locate the required ftgl library

I've seen a couple discussions on the same error for Ubuntu10.04, it seems the people commented out this part in to avoid the problem. The other option of checking FTGLTextureFont.h file is satisfied on my machine, which is under my /usr/local/ftgl/include/FTGL directory, I gave --with-ftgl=/usr/local/ftgl.

Just want to double check with people to see if my understanding in correct to comment out the check part, or if there's any other solutions.

Thanks a bunch!


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It's still not working in the sense that the configure pass with ftgl status as 'no', and following visualization library is not build. So I have to find ftgl library.

Has anyone seen this and have suggestions?