coherance of triangulation with multiple faces sharing a wire

the BRepMesh::Mesh (TopoDS_Shape aShape,Standard_real error)
adds a triangulation of the shape S to its topological data structure, as we can say in the help.
Stop me when I'm wrong.
That is to say that in a TopoDS_Shape object we can store an "original" shape and its corresponding triangulation. If yes, then how to retrieve the original shape and how to retrieve the triangulation.

What type of shape is a triangulation ( a TopoDS_Shell Object or ...).

Final question: with a given deflection on a "complex" solid such as a troncated cone, the different faces are meshed with a common deflection parameter.
Is the triangulation coherant for each face; i mean the vertices of the polyline approximating the top face are (or are not) the same than thoses belonging to triangles approximating the conical surface?

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Hello Christophe,
- there is no "original" shape, it's the shape itself.
- yes, the triangulation is store with the TopoDS_Shape and you can retrieve it using BRep_Tool::Triangulation and the type is Poly_Triangulation.
- And if you have a solid cone, the triangulation will be "coherant" for each face.