color and linetype for a edge

Hello there!

First my qeustion may be little bit too general so please help me to find the real question.

baciclly i do:
GC_MakeSegment(tempPnt , tempPnt2);
aSequence is kind of Handle_TopTools_HSequenceOfShape so i can write it to an IGES.

Now i wanna give the edge a color i think it must happen on the level of segment.

How can i give a color or linetype?? Must i have visualisiation for that purpose or can i do it without?? Or where can i find a example which does something similar?

thanks for your suggestions and tips


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If you want to change the color in the viewer you can use SetColor of the AIS_InteractiveObject which you use to display your edge.
If you only need to set the color in order to have it on your final IGES you can use XCAFDoc_ColorTool (but you need to create a XDE document)

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thanks a lot i will try it

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hmm i tried it but didn't find something useful about XCAFDoc_ColorTool could someone give me a example (or say me were i find it)

Thanks for your help


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Take a look on the OCC documentation.
There's the xde.pdf in the doc directory