Color and Style of Marker for AIS_Point

I am setting a marker to an AIS Point. In the AIS_Point documentation, it is written :
"void SetMarker(const Aspect_TypeOfMarker aType);
Allows you to provide settings for a marker. These include:
- type of marker,
- marker color,
- scale factor.
but obviously it is only possible to set the type. Therefore my question is : how can I setup the color and scale of a AIS_Point marker ?

Thank you.


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Hi Guilhem,

You can always manage attributes of the marker (like any other interactive object) throuh the associated drawer.

const Handle(AIS_Drawer)& aDrawer = aPnt->Attributes();
Handle(Prs3d_PointAspect) aPointAspect = aDrawer->PointAspect();
aPointAspect->SetColor (...);
aPointAspect->SetTypeOfMarker (...);

Hope this helps.

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i have a problem whit AIS_Point.
I create 4 AIS_Point and i'd like to get there coordinate when i select one of them.
Could you help me please?

thanks in advance