Common edge removal


I'm trying to merge two rectangular faces together, like in the image attached, the small face has it's edge completely shared and the big one has a different edge only partially shared.
As far as I've investigated OCC, this is not a topological problem but what I'm trying to archive is to change the underlying geometry and fuse the faces together.

I've already tried with topological tools like BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse, BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing, etc.

BRepFeat_Gluer is something that I'm having trouble even trying since I think it could solve the case where both the edges are shared completely (example: two boxes 1 1 1 one above the other).

The other thing that came in mind is to make a boolean common operation between the bounding box (bounding rectangle in 2D case) and the two faces, but the common operation returned the split faces anyhow.

Does anyone knows how to geometrically fuse two coplanar faces?

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Hi Martin,

there is a gluer example in the MFC samples (Modeling) where the glued boxes are not completely shared.

I haven't tried it but it looks quite like what you want to achieve.


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I meant: where the edges of the glued boxes are not completely shared.