follow-up on a note I posted a little earlier on another thread:

Just discovered OCC this week, was impressed with demos, so giving it a try. But I do agree with initial message, somewhat, browsing through this forum, there are far too few posts, many unanswered. I think problem is that OCC does not yet have a 'critical mass' of users, or a real 'community' built around this huge codebase, like mozilla, or wxWindows, or openoffice. I like wx a lot, great community support (the news, chat, web channels are all very helpful). OCC uses this hybrid model of selling support. Well, we all need to pay our rent, so I understand the motivation behind it. Would have been wonderful to have some wx-like support channels, though. Nah, nobody said "open source" was totally "free" (as in free beer).

I wonder if this wonderful piece of code (OCC) would not be better served by more closely following the mozilla or openoffice model? I mean, move the open source thread to sourceForge, recruit some OCC 'preachers' to evangelize the project and make a lot of noise about it (PR). For now, as far as I'm concerned, OCC is one of the best kept secrets of the open source community. Not sure that's such a good thing.
Open source is about 'community'. Without a community around it, any open source project stagnates and, well, dies. Community development needs a good codebase, but also good tools, and a core team of developers and evangelists. For what I've seen so far, the (linux) demos are truly impressive, but the docs and even this forum suck (I mean, not the messages themselves, but the format, and the huge ratio of unanswered questions). I don't necessary like the sourceforge web-front either, but at least you get exposure there (like retailing, it's all about location,location,location). Sourceforge Compiere's project (ERP) comes to mind as following a similar biz model as OCC. I think they get more eyeballs just by being at
Eyeballs do matter.

Just a thought,

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Hi Vio,

Good comment on My concern was/is that whether the sourceforge is the right place where industrial developers (read: prospective clients) search for a tool. It can be misleading since sourceforge was an inventory of free (as in beer) software. Things may change, and sourceforge itself seems to take some business-orientation. So having OCC positioned there could make some sense.


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Understood. Well, as I said, sourceforge's Compiere comes to mind as a 'hybrid' model (opensrc releases coupled with paying support). I guess my point is that I've been around for quite a long time (too ashamed to mention:), and only heard of OCC few days ago, by coincidence. I don't know if pushing the opensrc side will bring in more customers, but since the lib is already opensrc, more publicity can't hurt. Anyway, my 2 c. Thanks for your reply.