Compilation of CAS 4.0 under Linux 2.4.xx with g++ 3.2


We are trying to compile CAS 4.0 with g++ 3.2 under
Linux 2.4.xx kernel.

It seems there are some compilation problems.
( strstream, iomanip , ...)

Has somebody already tried to port under g++ 3.2 ?
Any hints ?

Is it better to use 5.0 with g++ 3.2 ?

Best regards.

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This was a bit tricky, but here is two way:

Either define CC CXX CPPFLAGS=/usr/include/g++3

Or rather delete the ./configure script
and do:
$ aclocal
$ autoheader
$ automake -a -c
$ automake
$ autoconf
$ ./configure
$ make

BTW I guess you'll need to edit acinclude.m4, search for lX11 and change this line into:

XLIBSW="-L$i -lX11 -ldps"
you'll need this later see: