Compilation error with opengl functions


I would like to draw a navigation cube over the rendering scene.

So I create my own navcube class with a rendering function, this rendering function use opengl special functions like glBindVertexArray,

but I have a compilation errors like :

\3rdparty\opencascade-7.3.0-vc14-64\opencascade-7.3.0\inc\opengl_glfunctions.hxx(1044): error C3646: 'glIsRenderbuffer' : spécificateur de substitution inconnu (compilation du fichier source CadDocumentDisplay.cpp)
1>d:\projets\cad\3rdparty\opencascade-7.3.0-vc14-64\opencascade-7.3.0\inc\opengl_glfunctions.hxx(1044): error C4430: spécificateur de type manquant - int est pris en compte par défaut. Remarque : C++ ne prend pas en charge int par défaut (compilation du fichier source CadDocumentDisplay.cpp)

In another project (not using opencascade) I used these function without problem.

Do you have an idea please ?

thanks. (sorry for my english)

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

Most likely you have header order inclusion problem or name conflict with external OpenGL function loader (OCCT has its own).

roy44's picture

Thanks, I finally solve the problem, I had two glext header in my solution