compile under WinNT (Visual C++ 5)

Hi all,

I am using CasCade with WinNT. I have to add some geometric classes so I have modified existing CasCade classes. But I can't get the redefinition of the new,... operators through the compiler. The following definition is in the *.hxx files: inline void* operator new(size_t,void* anAddress) { return anAddress; } inline void* operator new(size_t size) {

return Standard::Allocate(size); } The compiler produces an error like "Standard : no function Allocate" What do I make wrong?

With the following I have a similar problem. I want to derive a class from MMgt_TShared like the following:

class Handle(Geom_Geometry) : public Handle(MMgt_TShared) {

The compiler raises an error like "MMgt_TShared : baseclass not defined" although I took all the headers and forward class declarations as in the CasCade files.

Who has experience in compiling the CasCade files and can tell me what I do wrong? Thanks

Regards Martin

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I think it would be easier for you than redefining other classes. Look for a class that does some of what you want, derive it and add your functionalities. Best regards. Omar Msaaf

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Because there is no class where I can derive from.

Martin Stotz