Compiling OCC 5.1


After running ImproveCascade I tryed to to compile the first OCC workspace "Foundation Classes" using VS.NET. Ifaced the following problem:

..\..\inc\Standard.hxx(94) : error C2061: Syntaxfehler: Bezeichner 'ostream'
..\..\inc\Standard.hxx(96) : error C2061: Syntaxfehler: Bezeichner 'ostream'
... etc.

As I understood, after running ImproveCascade as descriped no problems must rise due to old xStream files, isn't it?

Do any body has an Idea about the best way to rebuils OCC5.1 with VS.NET??


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Hi Ahmed,

Not sure if you ever solved your problem,I'll try to help.

Lines 94 and 96 of inc\Standard.hxx declare arguments of type "Standard_OStream". Standard_OStream is #defined in inc\Standard_OStream.hxx to be equal to just "ostream" in the old version of Open Cascade, but gets changed to "std::ostream" after running ImproveCascade.

Check your inc\Standard_OStream.hxx file to ensure that it has the line
#define Standard_OStream std::ostream
(i.e. not the old "#define Standard_OStream ostream".)

Also check your inc\Standard_Stream.hxx file to ensure that it has the lines
#include < iostream >
#include < iomanip >
#include < fstream >
(i.e. not the old versions iostream.h, iomanip.h, and fstream.h.)

It could be that Improve Cascade did not properly run on your "inc" directory, but my bet is that your include path still points to an old, unmodified version of Open Cascade somewhere, so you need to change that to point to your new, modified "inc" directory.

-- Conrad