Compiling OpenCASCADE6.7.0 for vc9 problems

From tgz archive OpenCASCADE670.tgz
A lot of source and include files have a weird extension that need to be removed *.*0000775
Don't where it comes from
Compilation is not possible without removing these

the way to reproduce under win7 x64 :

launch "cmd"
go to OpenCASCADE6.7.0 dir
execute "env.bat"
execute "msvc.bat vc9 win32 Debug"

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OCC was easy to build in the past
Possible reason : the new libraries (font, tbb, opencl, freeimage ...)added some complexity and I can't find the way to make a Build ALL correctly

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Dear Philippe,
I suggest you to check how the files are extracted from tar.gz archive:
it looks like protection flag got appended to the file name.
Best regards