Compiling under WOK


I am trying to compile simple program (executable). It does not use any function from OpenCascade. I just include two files

math_Vector.hxx, math_Matrix.hxx

During the umake the following warnings and errors occur: ... =====> PrvyPokus:exec.libs

Info : ========> myexec

Warning : Could not determine Implementation Dependences for math

Warning : Could not determine Implementation Dependences for Standard


Error : Errors Occured :

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lStandard

I do not have an idea how to proceed. Could you give me some advice? I think it is just some path.

Thanks. Pavel

Yan's picture

I suppose this is because your workbench doesn't contains any information about Cascade develoment units ( math is one of them) Do you have Cascade entirely compiled with wok in a workbench (say ref )?

Yes. Is the workbench containing PrvyPokus a son of ref ?

Yes: there is bug.

No: Reparent you workbench under ref by doing : wmove mywb - f ref

No. To do what you do you need it. Such a structure is available on the Cascade cdrom.

If you don't want to buy it , a delivery of a WOK module easily customisable and usable will be soon available.